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C'est Magnifique aspires to bring something a little different to our monthly kits. We will predominately offer sophisticated, international papers each month from countries such as France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, etc. At times there will also be a smattering of American papers. We plan to provide some international embellishments as well.

To join our kit club, please send an email to Deonna at that includes your full name, your mailing address and the e-mail you use for PayPal. If you do not get a reply from us within 24 hours, please first check your spam folder and then try again.

Below you will find additional information about C'est Magnifique:

What are the benefits of being a subscriber?  You will be guaranteed a kit each month, and will receive a discount of at least 10% per kit. You will also receive free shipping of kit add-ons and store purchases if you elect to have them shipped with your kit.  Monthly add-ons will be discounted either 5% or 10% for members. 

How much is a kit?   Kits are $44.00 per month for subscribers. Priority shipping within the United States is $9.00. Shipping to Canada is a flat $15.00 per month via First Class mail and shipping to all other countries will be $21 per month also via First Class Mail. All add-ons and store purchases will be added to your box at no additional shipping charge (United States and International).

Will add-ons be available?  Yes, the following add-ons will be available for purchase each month. Members may elect to have their choice of add-ons shipped to them automatically each month. After those orders have been filled, the remaining add-ons will be available for purchase in the store.

     Patterned Paper - We include one sheet of each patterned paper in our kits. Most of the paper offered is two-sided, so we understand that you might want 2 sheets of each. Our patterned paper add-on will provide you with one additional sheet of each. This add-on is typically priced between $10 - $22 USD. 

     Embellishments - Each month we search for and find the perfect embellishments to compliment the patterned paper we have selected. We provide a variety of beautiful embellishments in our kit that will allow you to create many layouts, but we always find more than we can possibly include in the kit. For those of you who would like even more embellishments, we offer an embellishment add-on. The price will vary slightly from month-to-month, but an embellishment add-on will cost about $30 USD.

     Flowers - Our kits will always include flowers, but we know that some of you would like even more, so we offer flower add-ons each month as well. The add-on will contain flowers selected to coordinate with the kit. The price will vary slightly from month-to-month, but a flower add-on will cost about $30 USD.

How do I pay for my kit?  PayPal is our only method of payment and invoices for monthly kits (plus additional purchases you have elected to have shipped with your kit) will be sent by the end each month. You will then have 5 days to pay your invoice. If payment is not received after 5 days, your membership will be canceled. 

How do I purchase and pay for add-ons?  All of our add-ons will be available in our store by the middle of the previous month. If you would like to purchase add-ons, you can choose to pay for them at the time of your order or have them invoiced with your kit. If you are a member and would like any of our add-ons automatically shipped to you each month along with your kit, please send an e-mail to Deonna at

How do I order items from the store and have them invoiced with my kit?  When placing an order in the store that you want to have invoiced along with your kit, please choose the “ADD TO MONTHLY KIT” option when selecting the type of payment. You may do this as often as you want throughout the month. You will not be charged additional shipping for these items.

How do I have items from the store shipped with my next kit to avoid paying additional shipping? Choose the "ADD TO MONTHLY KIT” option when selecting your type of shipment. You may also do this as many times as you want throughout the month.

How long does my subscription last?  Our memberships have no term. You may cancel at any time. We do ask that you give at least a 30 day notice as we purchase ahead for you to insure delivery of international papers.

When can I expect to receive my kit each month?  Kits will be mailed around the middle of the month for all members.

How do I update my billing/shipping/e-mail information?  All changes will need to be made through your PayPal account. If any of your personal information changes, please send an e-mail to Deonna at

Can I skip a kit?  Subscribers cannot skip kits. As our membership is limited, if you do not pay for your kit within 5 days, your membership will be canceled. If a wait-list is in effect, the next person on the waiting list will be given your spot. Please e-mail Deonna at if there are circumstances beyond your control. These requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

How do I cancel my subscription?  Please contact Deonna at

Can I return my kit?  Due to the delicate nature of our kits, returns are not allowed. All sales are final.

What if my kit is damaged? We take pride in our kits and do everything we can to package kits in a way that will prevent items from being damaged, but sometimes things happen beyond our control. We want you to be happy, so if your kit is damaged during shipping, please contact Deonna within 7 days at

How can I purchase a kit if I am not a subscriber? After all subscriptions have been filled, any additional kits will be available for purchase through our store. 

If C'est Magnifique Kits sounds like the place for you...come and join the club! Send an email to Deonna at that includes your full name, your mailing address and the e-mail you use for PayPal.  If you do not get a reply from me within 24 hours, please try again.

Lastly, if you have a question that we haven’t answered here, please send an e-mail to Deonna at and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you!


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