Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog Hop in 14 hours!!!

Yay!  The blog hop starts in just a little bit - how exciting, huh?  Y'all know that I gave away a few prizes already, but I think I'll give away a couple more packages of goodies!

Cherished (Connie) - you just won an assortment of Prima products!!

Natalia Yarkova - you have won a free kit!

Li-Bee-Ti -  you just won an assortment of Prima products!!

Nicole Doiran - you have won a free kit!

Now this should kick this hop off right!!

To everyone but Cherished - if you could email me your addresses, that would be great!  Feel free to also shop in the store with free shipping (just choose add to next kit for shipping and pay using Paypal) as I'm sending you a big box anyway and a few more items are fine with me!  This is just a perk and not a necessity.


  1. Wow lucky winners can't wait until tomorrow yeah xox Amy

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  3. Thanks and Congrats to other winners. Counting down the hours to the blog hop.

  4. How awesome is this!! Congrats to the winners!! :-)

  5. So excited to have won a free kit! I'm definitely going to take on the offer of free shipping too so i'm off to browse your available products and add-ons right now. I am just frantically trying to find your email address so i can send you my shipping info - hehehe

  6. What a wonderful surprise!! So happy to be a winner! :) Thank you very much and congratulations to other winners!