Saturday, January 4, 2014

January MMM Kit - Layout with Kelly

Hi everyone!
I hope you are off to a good start to the brand new year!!!

Today I have a layout to show you, along with some tips and ideas for how to use the contents of the January MMM Kit. 
The biggest question, I think, would be - "How do I use the Primary Elements Artist Pigments?"
They are such a fabulous product...and there are just SO many ways you can use them. I showed you a few ideas recently in my video, but I thought I might list some of the ideas I tinkered with on various projects, here.
1. Combine with the Silks Clear Acrylic Glaze from the kit, to create a paint.
You can mix any amount in, to get the depth of color you would like, and you can even combine the colors to create a unique color. You can add in a bit of either of the Silks colors as well! The color options are endless there!

2. Mix with your favorite medium. Gesso, modeling paste, glazing liquids, acrylic paints, gel mediums, etc etc...if it is an opaque medium, the shimmer will be lost but the color will be there.

3. Combine with water and a binding agent to create a watercolor paint.

4. Spray your surface with hairspray and apply with a brush. I would recommend you seal this with a gel medium or other sealant to ensure it stays put long term.

5. If you paint a surface with the Silks, you can rub some of the PE on with your fingertip over it while still wet. I did this on many of the flowers on my projects.

There really are so many options!! I hope you will experiment and see what you like best. Remember, a little really goes a long way with these.

OK, so, here is my second project with this kit, and I applied almost all of the techniques listed above! 

Here is one last peek at the (SOLD OUT!) Kit:

Thank you so much for taking a peek today!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. Beautiful layout, Kelly! I love how you used the various elements here. The photos of your girls are so sweet. Look at that pretty red hair!

  2. Beautiful LO Kelly! I love the the way you did the sketch,very cool with the long narrow photos and the beautiful purple elements! Your sweet little angles with that beautiful red hair always makes me smile!

  3. Amazing work Kelly, I'm really loving the effect you got on your flowers using the art mediums, such a gorgeous pearly shine! Lovely design too