Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meet our May Guest Designer

It is our pleasure to have the very talented Ragnhild Kleiven join us in May as our Guest Designer.  She has created some amazing layouts with our May Kit, "Simple Elegance".  So we'll turn in over to Ragnhild so she can tell you all a little bit about herself:

I am Ragnhild Kleven and I live in Trondheim in Norway  I am a happy and involved mom who loves to document these lovely moments of the family.  I am very interested in photography and photo editing. I think it 's so fun to sit and play around with it.But even better when I get those images out on paper and can sit down and create layouts .  I'm enjoying myself then. ;)

I scrapbook and make really all sorts of things, cards, layouts, mini albums and boxes etc.  My first encounter with scrapping was in 2007 and layouts in 2008 when I gave birth Emilie.
I have always kept slightly to the shabby part, and preferably a little soft colors.   Pink with lots of roses and stuff, I like that. ;)

My style has changed little during the past time. I have suddenly become very fond of bright colors, I think is fun and try to use the colors more now.

When Sebastian was born, I felt I had to try to get a little out of the romantic shabby style and try something a little more "boyish" which has been an exciting journey.   And I'm still learning lots of new things all the time.  One thing is for sure, this is the hobby I'm going to have  for the rest of my life.  I think it's so nice to sit down and make something. Its just absolutely amazing being creative and playing around with colors.

I am so grateful that I got the chance to design for you, with these totally awesome products in the kit. I have really enjoyed myself making these layouts, and cards. Thank you very much for the opportunity. :)

 The picture of Sebastian, my youngest son is taken on the National Day of Norway, May 17, 2013.
We decorate ourselves with our national costumes Bunad and march in parades with bands and eat cakes and sausages in bread. A fantastic day! :)  Here I have used sheets and embellishments from the main kit, Flowers from the Flower Add-on kit and spray and decorations from the Mixed Media Kit.  And some more Embellishment from the Embellishment Add-on kit.

A picture of Emilie out walking in the woods with me.  I have used flowers and embellishment from the main kit.  Stencil and blue spray are from the Mixed Media kit.  Beside the kit and add-on kit, I have used distress ink, white paint and cardboard.

 A picture of Emilie and the sweet cake we baked on her 5 birthday in 2013.  On this layout I used the packaging that comes with the stencil in the Mixed Media Kit to get some contrast to the purple color.
Blue spray, flowers and lots Embellishments from the Mixed Media Kit.  Paper from the main kit.
Besides the kit and add-on kit, I used Distress ink.

 A birthday card.
Paper, stamps, letters, and the little fairy from the main kit.
From the Embellishment Add-On Kit: Crochet Doilie, pearls.
And the flower from the Flower add-on kit.
Stencil and yellow paint and spray from the Mixed Media Kit.  
Besides the kit and add-on kit I used cardboard.

My sweetest Sebastian from our holiday in 2012. Located and relaxing under a blanket on the grass by the beach.  The sheets are from the main kit. Stencil, yellow paint, a few embellishments and some flowers from the Mixed Media Kit.  Flowers from the flower add-on kit.

From the Embellishment Add-on kit, I have used the Blue Fern Studios: Chipboard Rose Frame,
but I have cut out pieces of it and painted them with yellow paint.  On this layout I used the packaging that comes with the flowers in the Flower add-on kit to get some more of the green color from the flowers.

From the main kit I used some embellishments, and paper.  The background is cardboard.
From the Mixed Media Kit I have used yellow and blue spray and some embellishments.
From the embellishment add-on kit I used Resin Clocks and pearls.
Flowers from the Flower Add-on kit.
Besides the kit I used white paint, distress ink and cardboard and some lace.

Thanks so much Ragnhild.  We love having you and your creative style this month!


  1. So beautiful, especially the last layout totally enchanted me!

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