Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome New Designer Leila Cardoso!

We would like to welcome Leila Cardoso as our newest member of the design team! Here is more about Leila in her own words:

I'm addicted to scrap. I'm 38, married and have two beautiful children who are my greatest source of inspiration. I'm grateful for my family. We love being in touch with nature and we also are passionate about pets: dogs, cats, turtles and many others. I live in Arararuma, a beautiful region in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where we have beautiful beaches and lagoons to enjoy and relax.

I'm very happy in be here and working with the wonderful C'est Magnifique kits and add-ons. The January Kit is so so sweet, with my favorite color: blue/turquoise. In all of my projects I used the Main Kit and the Flower Add-on!

My first layout is with my daughter and I.
Extra kit I used spray ink, stamp and chalk.

The second is a clean layout with photos of my children and I, resting on the beach.
Extra kit I used page of old book, stamps, gesso, stencil, thread and gelatos. Also an empty flower package.

This is the third page for the album of my niece, Luana, who was born last October, a super sweet baby!
Extra kits I used paper doilie, stamos, spray ink and some cutouts of Silhouete.

The next is a brown and gold page, monochromatic layout (I love it).
Extra kit I used page of old book, gesso, gelatos and stamps.

And the last is a layout wishing the best for the year 2015, with a photo of a beautiful sunset, taken on the road on 01/01...
Extra kits I used stamps and gelatos.

All of the fabulous kits can be found here. Make sure to check them out :)

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  1. Parabéns Leila!! uhuuuu Beijos e Sucesso :D

  2. Yay! Congrats, Leila!
    Loved everything!

  3. Amo teu trabalho Leila!!!

  4. Congratulations Leila! I allways love your works!!!!

  5. Tudo tão lindo, parabéns Leiloca e muito sucesso! Bjs

  6. Parabéns queridonaaaa....tudo tão lindo...arrasou....bjsss

  7. Parabéns, Leila!
    Seu trabalho é incrível!


  8. Leila
    Congratulations! So beautiful layouts

  9. Leila!!! You are so inspiring!!! I loved all the layouts!!! Can't wait to see more of your posts!!!! xoxo

  10. Gosto muito de seus projetos! Parabéns e muito sucesso !Bjs

  11. Beautiful layouts Leila! Congratulations!

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  13. Leila, cada LO ficou mais lindo que o outro. Amei! Talento puro! Bjão!

  14. Awesome work Leila! I love your style. Welcome to the team! :)

  15. Your designs are so lovely Leila! Really inspiring!

  16. Parabéns, Leiloca! Suas páginas estão fantásticas!!!

  17. Leilinha, td lindo !! MaGavilha, cada coisa mais linda...... muitas ideias legais e materiais idem.....