Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Challenge

Thanks so much to JJ Sobey for suggesting this week's challenge! The idea behind this challenge is to use 5 of one type of thing, 4 of another, etc. Be sure to let us know what you used for each of these numbers.

5 letters in your title wouldn't count, but 5 different types of letter stickers would.........4 people in your photo wouldn't count, but using 4 photos would.........3 colors in your patterned paper wouldn't count, but using 3 different patterned papers would.........get it?

We will continue to post a challenge each week, but you will now have 2 weeks to complete each challenge! You will have until midnight EST (New York City time zone) Sunday, Sept. 18th to complete your project. Please upload it to the September "5,4,3,2,1" folder in our Gallery and be sure to also post it in our Forum in THIS post, so we can all see it. The winner, chosen by the design team, will be announced here and on the Blog and will receive a RAK from C'est Magnifique!

~~~Valerie Serfozo