Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Week's Challenge

This week, we're going to ask you to vent! Scrap your biggest pet peeve! Really focus on it and create something that tells us how you really feel about it. Toilet seats left up? Rude drivers or people who cut in line? Your favorite teen or (older) using the word "like" every three words in a sentence? Maybe it's something that your friends say doesn't bother them but it drives you crazy....We want to see!

We will continue to post a challenge each week, but you will now have 2 weeks to complete each challenge! You will have until midnight EST (New York City time zone) Sunday, Sept. 25th to complete your project.

Please upload your submission to the September "Pet Peeve" folder in the gallery and be sure to also post it here in our forum. The winner, chosen by the design team, will be announced on the Blog and will receive a RAK from C'est Magnifique!

~~~Beverly Sams

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