Monday, January 9, 2012


Design Team member Kristie Taylor created this great flower tutorial for us. 

How to make paper waterlilies:

Your completed waterlilies will look something like this:

Step 1 - gather supplies and punch flowers
Choose your punches. These are the punches I used, but you can use any that are similar:

 You will need:
- four large flowers with five petals
- two medium flowers (I used snowflakes)
- two small flowers (I used daisies)
- large marker
- paintbrush handle or stylus tool
- something soft like an old mouse pad or piece of bubble wrap (I used a padded envelope because it was close and I didn't have to get up from my comfy chair).

Step 2 - Stirring
Place the four large flowers on your soft surface.  This step is called "stirring" which means that you place the round end of your marker in the center of each large flower and "stir" it in a circular motion while pushing down. This will make your flowers curl upward.

Step 3 - Curling
Continuing with the four large flowers, the next step is called "curling".  This means that you rub the round end of your marker down each petal of your large flowers until they "curl" slightly, but not too much because you will need room for stacking the petals.

Step 4 - Pinching
Now you will pinch each petal of the four large flowers to make a "v" shape. It's pretty easy and it doesn't need to be perfect. (Please excuse my  paint crusted fingernails.  I have been creating all day.)

After you pinch the petals,  they should look something like this:

Step 5
You will need to complete this step if you used something similar to the snowflake I used.  You will need to make each petal smaller to resemble a stamen, so snip each petal in half.

Step 6 - Repeat
Repeat - you will now "stir" and "curl" the two medium and two small flowers

Step 7 - Cupping
Using the two medium and two small flowers,  you will need to do the "cupping". This means that you will place the tip of your stylus tool (or paintbrush handle) in the center and push downward to make the flower petals "cup" the tool.  Sometimes you may need to help it along with you fingers.  Push all the petals up like this:

Step 8 - Stack
Now you're ready to "stack em up".   Stack the pieces, staggering each flower between the petals of the flower below it.  You can either glue them together or use a brad to hold them together. You could place a small gem or button in the center, if desired.  I also like to spray them with glitter, spray ink, and maybe add some Stickles, too.

You should have something that looks like this.

Here are some of these flowers used on a layout created with the January kit:

I hope you liked my tutorial and I hope you decide to give it a try.  If you do, please post it so we can see your beautiful work!


  1. Shut the front door! I adore those flowers....and how funtastic is the page!!!!!!!

  2. Simply gorgeous papers! Oh, I love them. Great flower tutorial too. Thank You.

  3. WOW, this again is just stunning, I can see how much work has gone into creating this page, love the bold colours and they way they just splash out at you.