Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Tutorial From Joyce

November is the last month that the very talented Joyce Lawrence will be on the design team.  She just completed her 4-month rotation, and it has been such a joy to work with her.  But she has promised not to leave us and we're so excited to see her in the Forums, because she has become such a part of C'est Magnifique.

Joyce really knows how to alter chipboard in some amazing ways.  Here is a tutorial that she created.  Prepare to be amazed at how she transforms a simple piece of chipboard into something awesome!


This tutorial is a little wordy so don’t let that put you off, the process itself goes really quickly. I just wanted to break down each step for those that have never tried an ink resist on a chippie.

I. Paint the Chippie

Step One: Use white paint to cover your chippie and let the paint dry.

 II. Ink Resist Technique on Chippie:

Step One: Stamp your image with one of two stamps on your chippie (use an ink pad that is archival or doesn’t run if moist).

Step Two: Using your cornstarch pouch (if you don’t have one, you can add some cornstarch in a baby’s sock and sew or tie it off), pounce it on your chippie and blow off any excess powder. This process allows for a clean stamped image, otherwise your image will look blurry if you use this process on a larger piece of paper or chippie and the powder will travel to places you don’t want it to.

Step Three: Apply your second stamp into your embossing pad and apply stamp image on top of chippie.

Step Four: Quickly sprinkle clean embossing powder over the stamped image and shake the chippie to remove the excess powder.

Step Five: Warm your heat gun, and then apply the heat to the stamped image until all areas of the stamp are raised. It will be hard to see the raised areas because of the clear embossing powder but if your heat gun is hot, you will see some shiny images.

III. Applying Distress Ink (three colors) to the embossed stamped image:

Step Step One:  Use your lightest color ink and gently rub in with an applicator over various parts of the chippie; then use the next lightest color repeating the same process in areas that you did not apply the first color; and finally use the darker color very sparingly on other areas of the chippie as well. Sometimes I press in the color really firmly.

Note: The ink resist (the heat set clear embossing powder image) provides a barrier so that the original color of the chippie shows through. A large chippie with more chip space will lend a more dramatic look using the technique above.

IV. Adding Color Embossing Powder to the edges of the Chippie:

Step One: Using an embossing pen or a bottle of embossing fluid with a sponge applicator, add the embossing pen or fluid to the edges of the delicate chippie cut outs; sprinkle a color of embossing powder and set with your heat gun. In this example, I used two different colors to go with the green and brown theme paper I made. We’re not using the cornstarch pouch in this instance because we don’t want the lines to look clean or perfect. 

V. Add embellishments such as pearls, rhinestones, Liquid Pearls, or Stickles on the chippie to your liking.

VI. After you have placed your chippie on your page, you can add further drama by filling up some of the negative space around the chippie by adding a mixture of glitter and micro beads. In this case, I have made a concoction in a small container consisting of brown/green glitter and brown, gold and green micro beads. Martha Stewart has delicious colors of large glitter. 

I hope you give this a try and start dressing up your chippies for your journals, layouts and other applications.

Here is the final product. You know me, I just couldn’t photograph the dressed up chippie on a piece of plain paper for you. I created the background paper to give the chippie a home. I have to admit, I really love how that background came out. Maybe there’s a future tutorial if you like it too. 


  1. This is truly amazing, the chippie and surrounds look fabulous.

  2. wowser - very 'noice' ... absolutely stunning

  3. Incredibly awesome Joyce!! Never heard of the cornstarch idea but can't wait to sew me up a little pouchey!

  4. Wow... I always wonder how to get chipboard more glam, and now I know.

  5. This is truly beautiful, love it and will try hopefully in the near future!